No Matter how impossible your dream seems, We'll make it possible.

You dream the impossible we make it possible.

You are one step away from making your impossible dreams possible.

Believe in your dream and we'll make your impossible possible.


9 PM UAE, 10 AM PST, GMT 5 PM +1

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Williamson Sintyl
Corina Astrid Bagireanu
Ward Taim Hassan
Dolly Aswani(Veerini)
Reina Özbay


The Emirates, in collaboration with global superstar Kevin Hart, will make your biggest dreams come true.

The #MarsShot, the unique global digital campaign, invites people across the world to share one inspiring dream for a chance to make it happen.

Unleash your imagination and reach for the stars. Let’s make the impossible, possible.

Partnering with Kevin Hart

The American stand-up comedian, actor, producer and #1 New York Times bestselling author Kevin Hart has become a widely admired motivational speaker whose inspiring success story continues to present a live embodiment of the power of resilience, positivity and devotion. With over 100m social media followers, Kevin has an engaging and compelling platform to spread positivity globally.



Be well lit, with a clean background. Lighting makes an immense difference in the quality of a finished video, so make it one of your top priorities during filming. Be deliberate about the background you use for filming. One easy way to get a good look for your video is to use a solid-coloured background.


Clear audio, with no background noise. Your audio quality is actually more critical than you video quality as your message matters the most. Record your video in a quiet room where your voice can be heard clearly with no noise or echo.


Position your phone on a stable surface to avoid shaky footage. You can use your smartphone to capture your message – the quality will be just fine. Use the camera on the back of your phone for a better quality. Record on portrait mode and centre yourself, so your image fits better. Use a tripod, set your camera on a sturdy surface, or ask a friend to hold your phone/camera.