• @kolbyskloset

    United States

    A father from Utah inspired by his own story after adopting his son from Samoa, wants to open his own Ophange for children from all over the world. His hope is to give these children a second chance at life.

  • @theofficialkwofi

    United States

    Kwofi is a 19 year entreprenuer who owns a label called Celestial Music. Kwofi dream is to eliminate segregation and bring the world together by a World Art Show called Art to Heart.

  • @williamson_sintyl


    As the sole survivor of his class after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, Williamson knew he had a bigger calling in life. His Mar Shot is to rise from the rubble and build the first mentoring center in the Caribbean. It will be a place of hope to change Haiti and its youth for the better.

  • @astrid.corina

    United Kingdom

    Asstrid Corina to perform one good deed in every country around the world. Shes already started her good deeds and needs your help to visit all 107 countires. She has over 194 deeds planned and ready for execution.

  • @drsianproctor

    United States

    Sian Proctor is a space chef who wrote the cookbook, Meals for Mars. Her Mars Shot is to eliminate hunger and food waste on earth. She wants to invest in freeze drying food to solve the current world shortage of food.

  • @wardhassanofficial

    Syrian Arab Republic

    Ward is a 14 year old Syrian whos live in Dubai. Ward wants to be an astrophysicist and attend a prestigious university. His quest for knowledge is inspiring.

  • @thendralkamal


    Indian born Thendral is on a mission to become the first indian women to set foot on Mars. Shes already given a tedex talk on why investing in space exploration is important, as well as training to certifify as a padi diver. Thendral wants to empower and inspire women that the sky is not the limit.

  • @elias_maureenn


    Nigerian born Ginika was born deaf but that has not stopped her from persuing her dream to play football at the highest level. She wants to represent her country at an international level. Her marsshot is to play football professional despite her challenges which has held her back.

  • @eimankhalfanal

    United Arab Emirates

    Ahmed Nadar is austic but this his is superpower. His Mars Shot is to be the best piano player in the world.

  • @reinaozbay

    United States

    Reina wants to be a content creator to impact positive change. Her Mars Shot is to create the most inspirational song with the best musicians and producers in the world with all proceeds and awareness can go towards tackling the hugh pandemic of human trafficking.

  • @womanonamission_india


    Veerini is a self confessed change maker. Her Mars Shot is to create a collaborative space in her city of Agra, India. This collaborative space will enable teaching and learning for kids who are unable to complete their education or for adults who want to improve their quality of life. Her space will allow anyone to walk in and learn how to read and write.

  • @voicesign101

    United Kingdom

    18 year Alexis is one of two people in the world born with 4m-maternal trisomy. Mi Mu performance gloves enables Alexis to have a voice. Their mars shot is to make talking gloves

  • @jenniferarrigoni


    Jennifer is a passionate environmentalist from Gaudalope who wants to sail across the paciffic ocean to Polynesia to raise awareness of the worlds natural beauty and to preservation of endangered species around the world.

  • @relentless_royal

    United States

    Royal Tanners is on a mission to bring a smile to everyones face no matter what his own hardships are. His mission is to inspire the youth through creativity and through his own experiences as a janitor. Royal wants to be the next Walt Disney with a motivational twist.

  • @aleyamohey


    An avid environmentalist, Aleya wants to eliminate waste. She waants to see a world operating in a fully circular model by regenrating materials.